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Week of 5/11/20 

Monday 5/11

Tuesday 5/12

Wednesday 5/13

Thursday 5/14

Friday 5/15

Physical Education

Physical education subject illustration - Vector download

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WarmUP: Cross-Dip

1. Follow along with the video and learn the dance.

2. Work on memorizing the movements. (Try the dance at least 2 or 3 times all the way through.

3. When you feel ready, dance to the music only – without the video. 

Learning Activity:

Indoor Walking Trail

WarmUP:Dribble Bounce

Same Directions as Monday!

Learning Activity:

  Indoor Walking Trail


Same Directions as Monday!

Learning Activity:

Indoor Walking Trail

WarmUP:Flow Audio

1. Make notes about different dance moves that you can use to create your own dance routine.

2. Create a routine and practice it until you get it the way you want it. Then teach a family member – dancing is good for EVERYONE!

Learning Activity: Indoor Walking Trail


Star Wars Who would you choose?

Learning Activity:

Sock-ER-Skee Ball

Additional Resources:

Workout Worksheets Great for Anytime!             Workout Videos Great for anytime!      Good Energy at Home with GoNoodle



Let’s  Learn a New Song:

Feeling Groovy - Echo Me

Feeling Groovy - without echos

Pick three more songs to sing from the

Ampark Mixtape


This week we are beginning a unit of study around the musical concept called “harmony.” Begin by clicking the link above


Listening to music that emphasizes HARMONY


ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE DRAWING #2: Expand your technique and draw a place!

ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE DRAWING #1: Try last week's video lesson if you haven’t yet.

Try some HANDSCAPE PAINTING this week, inspired by AmPark artist Aliyah!

Found object MONOCHROME ART: Check out the slides for inspiration, and then gather materials for your own exploration of color!

Don’t forget : DRAW EVERY DAY for at least 15 minutes to keep your ART MUSCLES strong!

Take a minute to VIEW the slide show of some student Smartphone Toy Photography!

And also, click here to go back and try projects from past weeks, too!

Links to forms will be live at the end of the week, so don’t forget to come back!

K-2nd Art

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3rd-5th Art

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